Why Chair-Care Plus

As one of the co-developers of this product, I have been in the dental field for over 25 years. The chronic and mandatory use of disinfectants takes its toll on treatment room surfaces such as the patient chair, doctor/assistant stools, surrounding plastics and rubber suction/vacuum lines.

Disinfecting products are necessary for the health and well being of our patients, preventing cross-contamination between people. However, these disinfecting chemicals are harsh on the chair-side surfaces. Over time, these surfaces begin to show yellowing, hardening and even surface cracking. This surface deterioration is unattractive, making the treatment area look unclean and unkept. The replacement of these parts, whether suction tubing or the chair's vinyl surface will cost you money.

Chair-Care Plus was born out of the maintenance requirement of Ultrafabrics, LLC, a major manufacturer of treatment chair vinyl coverings. The company specifically calls for "regular cleaning" of the surfaces to remove the disinfecting product residues with "soap and water".

Chair-Care Plus is a simple "spray and wipe" product that will restore surfaces to a clean, residue free state. At the close of each day, staff members can perform a final wipe down of treatment room surfaces with Chair-Care Plus to create a "fresh start for the next day." The product has a fresh, non-chemical smell that you and your staff will enjoy. The product is pleasant to use and will not dry out ungloved hands. Use it on the seating surfaces, chair base plastics, the rubber lines, treatment light handles, etc.

Dental equipment is expensive. Keep it looking its best with Chair-Care Plus.

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