Why do I need Chair-Care Plus?

Why do I need to use Chair-Care Plus?

The use of disinfecting sprays and wipes are mandatory in preventing cross contamination between patients. Although these sprays do a number on killing pathogenic organisms, they also do a number on the treatment room surfaces. Removing these residues at the end of the day will restore and refresh the vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces.

Can't I just use Chair-Care Plus alone and not use the disinfecting wipes? After all, it is a cleaner.

A cleaner is not a disinfectant. Our product does not disinfect so you must continue with normal disinfection methods. Our product is to help preserve the surfaces by cleaning/removing residues left behind by disinfection products.

Can you over use Chair-Care Plus?

I am sure that it is possible. However the formula is water based and is very gentle to surfaces. If you wish, it can be used several times daily, but must be used at least once a day to return the chair surfaces to a residue free state. You will find it will also freshen up the scent of the room as well, making it smell clean.

Can you explain how to use the product? It seems too simple. Just spray and wipe dry?

Yes...It is that simple! Apply a light spray on one chair section or surface at a time (two to three spritzes) and then wipe with a microfiber or paper towel. It is best to use light pressure and gentle circular motions, turning or flipping the towel to aid in surface drying. There is no need to wipe or rinse the surface with water.

Other than the chair's vinyl seating surfaces, where else can you use this product?

The only surfaces we do not recommend the use of Chair-Care Plus on are monitor screens, clear plastics and glass. The product will not harm these surfaces but will leave a slight film. Our product works great on colored plastic, rubber keypads, rubber tubing and painted metal.

If I decide to use microfiber towels to clean these surfaces, how do I care for these towels?

Once a week soak the towels for one hour in warm water using a mild detergent. After soaking for an hour, rinse and wring excess water out and hang to dry. The more water you can wring out, the quicker the towels will dry. If the towels somehow get very dirty, a gentle detergent made for microfiber towels should be used (like Micro-Restore, or ECOS Free & Clear).

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